Changzhou Library was established in 1904. It is one of the earliest local public libraries in China, which has a history of more than 100 years. On December 26th of 1995, the new hall of Changzhou Library formally opened to public. The address is No.35 in the north of Heping Road. The new hall covers 12,000 square meters. Currently, there are more than 1,300,000 books (including 100,000 ancient works). Changzhou Library is the literature collection center of the whole city, which features Changzhou local literatures.

Changzhou Library is a nonprofit government-affiliated institution. It opens 19 rooms to readers, including reading room, study hall, showroom, etc. There are 600 seats. The annual reception volume has exceeded 1,000,000. The library room and reading room provide consulting, printing and literature checking service. The exhibition room and lecture hall are able to support the high-level culture communications.

Changzhou Library is equipped with modern IT devices and systems. Staffs here are experienced and enthusiastic. Every year, more than 50,000 books and 2,000 newspapers and magazines are subscribed by Changzhou Library. In addition, there are more than 2,000,000 e-books, more than 3,000 normal e-magazines and more than 1,000 learned periodicals available in Changzhou Libray.

With the help of modern technology, the construction of modernization and digitization of Changzhou Library has been speeded up. In 1996, ILAS Management System was installed. In 1998, the multimedia reading room was established. In 1999, Changzhou Library established the website (www.czlib.net). Changzhou Library had been accessed to Internet since 2001 and the speed is 100Mbps now. In 2002, TRS integrated solution for digital resources was purchased. In 2003, Lib Book Management System was imported. In 2004, the digital reading room of sharing project was established. In 2005, Changzhou Library was covered with Wifi. Digital reading room for the blind was established in 2008. In the same year, Children’s Library was established. Now, you are able to borrow, read and download our books on the Internet, both with your smartphone or your computer.

In April of 2008, Changzhou Library started to open for free, which was at the leading position in China.

In September of 2009, the service bus of Changzhou Library started its business for the enterprises, schools, troops and government departments in Changzhou.

Now, Changzhou Library is still optimizing and improving itself. We will try our best to provide service and satisfy readers.